TOP Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair Review 2024

Here it is the best shiatsu full body massage chair 2024 to get relaxation in the current tension and depression. Yes, you heard me and I’m extremely clear as well as positive about this claim. What is the reason? Well, the reason is 7 out of 10 people want to get relax and soothing by the latest massager so it is here Shiatsu full body massage chair. It is the quality of results that pushes people to buy this magical massage chair.

Today in the age of anxiety and depression folk need reduce their high pressure points, soreness and body pain as well. According to the modern massage therapist there are many reasons one must be involve in the stress, back pain, body fatigue and stress. But in modern world as it is global village now here are latest technologies that are curing all the new diseases such as depression and anxiety.

Look, the magic of latest massage recliner is that everyone should feel the real impression. It is the EC-06C Shiatsu massage chair that relax the soreness of the aching body. If you are one of those who have already used this one then you must aware of the fact that it is pro relaxing massager to your health. It creates the impression that only be created by hands which are called real therapeutic massage.

We just did our search to make you clear the real facts. This guideline will help you to understand the truth beneath the surging popularity. We just need to catch the real tone so that you could decide rationally rather than blindly. Because the body needs real soothing, you must put some focus on EC-06C Shiatsu massage recliner as it will be the right reclining chair for the older persons.

As veteran rightly said

“Do not go with the flow. You must put some effort or search to fill the bag with air. That’s why; this guideline is the right guider to help you to hunt down the best among the rest.”

The Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair Review & Features

Features do count but only when are up to the mark. We all know that a best massage recliner offers you the best massage chairs’ benefits. The same is true in the case with Shiatsu massage chair. It is the one that fulfills almost all the needs according to pre-modern requirements. You not only feed your body the best impression of hands massage therapy but also relieve the pain of the entire body instantly.

Shiatsu massage chair helps to lean back according to the need of the body as it is the best back pain massager. All in all, you can count on this professional massager without losing a single penny of your worth. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing features that Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair offers.


Extra-Long Massaging Range

Massage range is the quality that every user needs. The makers are quite well aware of the fact. That is the reason behind the large massage range of the Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair. It is equipped according to the modern standard of massage variety so that you could get what is best for your body. Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair will help you to track the pain right from the neck to feet without wasting time.

Air Massage Technology

Air massage technology is the hallmark of modern massage chairs. Wait do not get excited! First of all, let me complete. We all know that the Air-Massage is rightly the sweet dose of the body. If you are looking for something with the touch of the Air-Massage technique then you are reading about the right product. Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair is equipped with 30 Air-bags to provide what you need.

20 Air-bags out of 30 are located in the lower part of the Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair. These 20 Air-bags help you to deliver a compact massage to your thighs, hips, legs, and feet. When you have relived from the pain you will improve the circulation of blood right in the lower parts of the body.

The Air-bags that are installed in the upper parts of the Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair help you get several intensity massage levels. Yes, it is right. With the help of Air Massage technology, you can adjust the intensity level of massage according to the pain of the body. This system acts as a provider of massage therapy to the body.

Fully Automatic Shiatsu Recline Chair

They say that a modern massage chair must be the best recliner as well. We all know that 70% of users are of old people and, hence, reclining is the feature that helps them to adjust body very easily. Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair is the best recliner because the reclining actions are installed and can be executed automatically.

You can select the position of your foot along with the backrest hold. Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair can let you recline the body up to 170 degrees. You can also set the footrest area up to 8o degree and all this can be operated automatically. It is amazing guys, isn’t it?

Smart Roller System

Roller System is the one that helps you to get active massage strokes. Every modern massage needs to be equipped with a smart roller system and Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair is not without it. Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair provides the body with a customized massage with the help of rollers that are installed in it.

When you get active massage strokes by the smart Roller System of Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair you feel the touch of human hands and the impression of original massage therapy. This is because of the powerful impact of the roller system that the body feels instant relief from the stress as well as fatigue.

This is the impression that helps you to refresh your body with the help of healthy Massage Therapy. If you want to make your body pain free then this is your cup of tea. Just give it a shot.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is a necessary feature to boost comfort. Heat therapy is the old Chinese tradition that is considered the best to provide hand massage therapy. When it comes to Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair it looks clear that all that is the need of the modern hour is already in it.

Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair has the heat function in multiple areas. It is installed in lower back, waist and feet areas to relieve the back pain impressively. If you are the constant use of heat therapy then you have noticed that it is the best to slow down the process of aging by improving your blood circulation.


Massage Techniques and Types

Like all other modern chairs, Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair is also equipped with several massage techniques. These techniques help shed pressure without bothering the users. You can easily be able to snatch the impression of the relieved body by simply lying down and having all that Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair offers you. Here are some of the best massage techniques that you could avail of here.


To reduce the pain of the body you must have got the kneading massage. That’s why Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair let you press as well as rotate to enjoy the best results of kneading. Through this, you feel right the impact of reducing the pain along with the refreshment of the body like a boom.


This is the technique that helps you to release the back stress quite effectively. Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair with the help of the technique of tapping will keep tapping the entire area of your back so that you could feel relaxed.


This technique is the right need of the body. Yes, you heard it right that it is like the food of the body to feel relax as well as soothe. Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair applies this one with the help of a palm rapidly knocks your back for the comfort of the body.


Rolling is necessary to relieve the pain from all parts of the body. To deliver an effective massage therapy, Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair use the technique of rolling. With the help of up and down movement, you find the fixation of the point of problem anywhere in the body.

Types of Massages

There are various types of Massages such as back massage, lower back massage, upper back massage foot massage, deep tissue massage, Therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, relaxing massage, massage table, professional massage, relaxation massage, neck massage, shoulder massage, Touch massage, Thai massage, leg massage and Full massage.

So to cater all above massage types there are many massage products that handle massage therapy.

Types of Massage Products

Massage pillow, massage recliner, seat cushion, handheld massager, programmed massager, robotic massager and electric massager.

Massage Programs

It is the common practice with the modern massage chairs to offer some preset massage programs. It is because the makers are well-aware of the fact that comfort is necessary to attract the consumers. Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair has 4 preset massage programs installed in itself.

These massage programs help you to get the impression of a compact massage. If you are looking for flexibility as well as reliability during massage therapy then select Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair as your massage partner. The preset massage programs include Extend Program, Recovery Program, Refresh Program, and Relax Program.

With the help of these massage programs you can address the located area of pain. These will help you to provide extra care to the neck region as a special feature is added to relax the neck. These massage programs of Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair can easily be accessed by touching a single button.

Control Panel

As we above mentioned that you can access the preset massage programs with the help of a button, here is the control panel. Here you find all the necessary buttons to control all the action during massage therapy. The control panel is positioned right on the arm of the Shiatsu EC-06C massage chair. With the help of a button, you cannot only access the preset massage programs but also select the intensity level for a selected massage.

Shipping & Assembly

We are living in an age of digital technology. We want to get everything fast. That’s why the importance of home delivery regarding the Shiatsu massage chair is the priority to seek. And the answer is yes. You can buy online along with the facility of home delivery.

The process of delivering the Shiatsu massage chair will take the 5 business days to complete. Apart from online buying and home delivery, the order can be shifted right into the area where you want to place it. All you need to do is just clearly mentioned the order of your nature so that you can get the best out of it.

When you get the order, you can assemble Shiatsu massage chair yourself. Yes, it is true as well that it can be time taking. But the order will be delivered with the armrest as well as the backrest pad along with the control panel to assemble quite easily. You can do this with the help of assembling a manual guide.

Important Note

If you are availing the services of a freight company then you must not be worried. But the driver will ship your order outside of your house or apartment. As it is not the company policy to enter into the house or apartment.

Final Review of Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair

To look at the above-mentioned features as well as massage programs this one looks a considerable massage chair. Shiatsu massage chair is a complete package for those who are old. It can be the best choice also for those people who are in constant back pain. Amazingly reliable as well as effective in terms of quality and price is none other than Shiatsu massage chair. Be frank with you guys, this is just a guideline for you.

We put our best Shiatsu massage chair review but you can think, ask, and compare it before taking the final decision. But if you love to get the impression of original massage therapy then you must consider the Shiatsu massage chair. Good luck guys with the choice that you will make.